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Fundraising for Sanctuary for Kids :)

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So, about 5 weeks ago I decided to give up chocolate for 6 weeks. No, I’m not insane (well, ok, maybe). I am doing this in order to raise money for a charity close to my heart - Sanctuary for Kids.

If you haven’t heard of S4K before, they are a non-profit organisation that raises funds through charity auctions, fundraisers and online donations in order to help children all over the world in times of need. They’ve done some great work so far, and I’d love to help them continue in this work by raising some funds for them myself.

That’s when I took a look at my life and decided that I am definitely a chocoholic, so if I’m going to make a sponsor-worthy sacrifice, it had to be in the form of chocolate *sobs* Of course, it will all be worth it if I can get people to sponsor me during that period to raise as much money as possible for a very worthy cause. So, from January 7th until February 18th I’ve been counting on as many people as possible to support and motivate me to stay chocolate-free and raise those all-important funds for S4K!

I've only got just under a week to go with this now (and boy, has it been difficult avoiding chocolate for so long!), so this is a final, last-minute plea to get a few more donations for this amazing cause.

Making a donation is simple - just take a quick look at my Fundraising Page and sponser me for as much as you can afford. It’s quick and simple;
you choose the amount you wish to donate, and the payment is made securely through PayPal :) If you know me in person, I'm also taking donations in cash via the old-fashioned sponsorship form ;)

If you can’t sponsor me yourself, please spread the word by sharing the link to my fundraising page, so that I can reach as many people as possible and raise as much funds as possible for Sanctuary for Kids.

Please can as many people as possible make a little donation or share the link to my page to help spread the word - I will be eternally grateful!

Come on, Team Amanda Tapping! ;)

Thank you! <3

AT + S4K
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Shipmas 2012 :D

Shipmas banner

It's that time of year again!

Come and join us over on Gateworld to celebrate Shipmas, our annual shippy Christmas celebration of all things Sam and Jack!

Shipmas 2012: A Sam/Jack Celebration!

Thread open from 5am GMT on 15th December until 5am GMT on 16th December (midnight to midnight in Eastern USA).

Thank you to Ikorni for the banner :)
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Tonight, the world mourns.

I know that these days I mostly use this journal for reviewing or to post silly things about stuff I enjoy, but today I'm posting about a more serious matter.

As i'm sure most people in the world know by now, in Newtown, Connecticut, USA, this morning (or afternoon to us Brits), a man killed his own mother, then proceeded to go into the elementary school where she worked and killed a further 6 adults and 20 children. Ruthless. Sick. Disturbing. Upsetting. Infuriating.

These poor children and the teachers trying to help them have died at the hands of this monster and tonight their families are distraught, mourning their innocent family members. I won't name the man on here, as I refuse to contribute to his already growing fame, a notoriety he know doubt wanted for himself. He lies dead tonight too - in a way that's great, after all why should he live? But there's a huge part of me that thinks it is too easy an escape for him. It's reported he mostly likely shot himself after the massacre, but this is still being investigated. Either way, the bastard is a coward.

I've had CNN on all evening, from the moment I realised something had happened. I'd innocently checked Twitter on my phone on a quick break from studying, to see a few tweets from people such as Michelle Branch, Michael Shanks and his wife Lexa Doig, and Ming Na amongst others, in anger at a situation at a school, or sending prayers out to childrens' families. So I immediately tuned into CNN to see for myself what was going on... and I was shocked.

I couldn't believe the news unfolding before my eyes. I was immediately angry and upset, and just sat in disbelief. When President Obama addressed the nation in a live conference I couldn't hold it together any longer, and shed tears along with him at his touching words. To see the President not be able to hold it together live on air was a surprise, but further emphasised that every parent in the country, if not the world over, would be mourning these poor children today. A little later we saw a CNN reporter at the scene burst into tears during her report whilst relaying what a young boy had said to her earlier that day. I've never seen reports like this in my life where members of the government and the news crews aren't able to keep it together on screen, not even during 9/11.

Later a deacon at the local church broke down into tears as he recalled one of the victims, a 6 year old little girl, had not too long ago donated all her birthday money and gifts to the church to give to victims of Hurricane Sandy. That's where the tears flowed from me again as well. How can these innocent souls, with such good in them as this, such kindness and selflessness, have their lives taken away from them so brutally?

I feel sick and saddened by all of this.

A slightly lesser known situation in China also took place today, with frightening similarity. A man went on a stabbing spree at a primary school, injuring one adult and 22 children. Thankfully no one has died at that school, but they will no doubt be scarred psychologically for life.

What on earth is the world coming to? What is wrong with these sick people, carrying out these acts that most people couldn't even dream up in their worst nightmares? People keep worrying about silly things like the Mayan prophecy bringing the world to an end on the 21st of this month. You need not worry about things like that. It seems the world and humanity as we know it are slowly dying one day at a time, and it's people like this that are killing it.

Please spare a thought for these poor families tonight. Light a candle, say a prayer. And hug your own children just that little bit tighter.

Nation in mourning
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30 Days of Shipping - Day 19

A pairing you've rooted for since the beginning?

SJ moments

Of course it's gotta Sam and Jack. I've definitely rooted for these guys since I first started watching SG-1, allllllll those years ago. First active fandom I got into, and am still a part of to this day. That's around 11+ years of shipping these two, and still going haha. Love them - Sam and Jack forever! ♥

(In fact, whilst hunting for the pic above, I came across so many great pretties and funny things on Tumblr about this pairing that I'm finally going to create an account on there myself to join in the madness ;) Yay!)
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30 Days of Shipping - Day 15

What is your favourite real life pairing?

Well, if the rumours are true about David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson hooking up, then absolutely them! ;) However, I'm sure like the last dozen times those rumours went around, it probably isn't... So, I'm going to go with...

Gackt and You

Gackt x You

They are just too cute (and, ya know, HOT).

Anyone that knows anything about the Japanese music scene will of course know rock/pop star Gackt. The slightly lesser-known You is Gackt's best friend and long-time member of his band, GacktJOB (playing rhthym guitar and violin). They're not actually a couple (unless they really have been keeping quite the secret over the years!), but they are extremely close, and I just think their friendship is so beautiful ♥

Gackt has described himself and You as soulmates:

"I know what you think... Because You and I are always together, live together, sleep together, you think that we're gay, don't you? Myself, I'd rather say that You is my soulmate. I prefer to say it this way."

And You explains their relationship so poetically here:

"I'm like the sea, whereas Gackt is the Moon. I like to do things calmly and carefully, at my own pace, and support him always. But Gackt is the light that leads my way and inspires me. He gives great courage and makes a powerful impression."

So. Damn. Adorable.
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30 Days of Shipping - Day 14

What is your favourite book pairing?

Even though I love reading and do read a fair amount of books, I don't tend to read many with a central pairing (or, at least, not one interesting enough to grab my attention it seems!). I don't read books for romance at all, much preferring fantasy or horror, or just plain controversial.

One pairing I do remember being rather fond of was from a series of books I read a few years ago called The Banned and the Banished. The main girl, Elena, and a swordsman named Er'ril, had a rather intriguing relationship (if you can overlook the fact that she is a teenager and he is around 500 years old of course...).

Wi'tch Star

I must read the books again someday, see how the story fares now that I'm a good few years older. When they first were released I was around 17 years old, and was hooked, getting through all 5 books quickly as soon as each one came out!

Thank you to harc3sis on deviantART for the photo :)