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So, who the hell are you?
Well, I'm a 31 year old Desi mama to a home educated little boy. Queer, outspoken, vegan and witchy. I'm currently studying/training to be an EFL teacher. Beautiful Barbarian.

What are you into then?
Music is my life. J-rock (Visual Kei in particular) is my true love, and I am completely obsessed with the beauty and talent that is Malice Mizer.
My other major love is fashion, in particular the street fashions of Harajuku and other parts of Japan. My favourite of these is EGL, and the beautiful Mana is my fashion GOD. I occasionally make my own accessories and clothes, and The Gothic & Lolita Bible really IS my religious tome of choice ;)
I also have quite a thing for Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland, and all the wonderful nonsense that comes in-between ^.^
For everything else, see my 'interests' list at the bottom.

If you think we have a few things in common, and for some strange reason you actually wanna stick around, go ahead and friend me! I'll no doubt add you right back ^.^ However, some warnings:

- I have NO shame. Seriously.
- I swear a LOT. In multiple languages xD
- I have a weird sense of humour, but you soon figure it out :p
- I'm not afraid of politics or addressing subjects others might find "uncomfortable". I'm open to debate, but not trolling. You've been warned.

Right, if you got this far and still wanna add me, go ahead! And enjoy the madness! :D

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Kami is Eternal Love

Kami is Eternal

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<3 All About Eve is Love <3

Which Kozi are you?

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<3 Kinki Kids is adorable, life-long Love <3

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What J-Rock Yaoi Pairing Are You Most Like?

You're most like Gackt and Mana (Malice Mizer) Nothing is too dark for you, be it morbid poetry, songs that chill the heart or a love that will one day end in tragedy. You live for the night.
Take this

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Xena and Gabrielle are Subtext Text Love
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